TISCA rugs
26 structures and 96 colours
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Well structured

The 26 different structures range from classic single flat woven material right up to opulent structural landscapes or modern patterns. The choice is yours.

  • Olbia Barrio
  • Olbia Calanda
  • Olbia Calvi
  • Olbia Campo
  • Olbia Collina
  • Olbia Dogana
  • Olbia Flor
  • Olbia Florida
  • Olbia Fortuna
  • Olbia Hill
  • Olbia Karibu
  • Olbia Konstanz
  • Olbia Line
  • Olbia Massif
  • Olbia Mesa
  • Olbia Montana
  • Olbia Monte
  • Olbia Pamir
  • Olbia Perla
  • Olbia Polar
  • Olbia Rio
  • Olbia Prisma
  • Olbia Shag
  • Olbia Spina
  • Olbia Stella
  • Olbia Uni

The Olbia range of colours

In our collection we have 96 colours from which to choose. From vibrant to mellow, from classic to contemporary. With a colourful rug you are able to create a comfortable atmosphere in your home.

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Easy-care and made to last

Take advantage of the self-cleaning effect of natural wool and reverse the rug twice a year. For general cleaning it is sufficient to use a vacuum cleaner with a flat nozzle. In this way our rugs last a lifetime.


Our weavers are extremely experienced and have that innate touch. They weave a collection from high-quality New Zealand wool for individualists. Where hand and heart combine, beauty is usually not far away.

Small, large or oversize

Your wish is our command: choose from 26 different structures and 96 colours. Circular, oval, square and polygonal shapes are possible too. For large rooms select TISCA XL: Your rug can be woven with a width of up to 6 metres.


Hand-woven rugs from TISCA are woven in linen weave and therefore equally beautiful on both sides; they can be reversed as often as you like.

Wool feels good

Our base material is sheep’s wool; a natural product which can absorb and release a large amount of humidity. In addition wool keeps dust out of the atmosphere of the room and makes it more homely all round.


Additional products

Pile rugs

Bella Twin

The exceptional feature – a fully reversible pile rug that is 100 % natural. An unparalleled dense and thus heavy pile, manufactured from undyed natural fibres.

Fulled 100 % new wool.
Reversible hand-woven rug.
Available in widths of 50 cm through 600 cm and in any length you like.

Braided rugs

The TISCA range of braided rugs is available in circular, oval and square forms.

Whether pure virgin wool, sisal or synthetics – especially for allergy sufferers – a diversity of materials is available for the braided rugs too.

Reversible hand-braided rugs of three plaited strands of fulled 100 % new wool yarn. Available in circular with 90 – 400 cm diameter and oval with 70/140 cm to 300/400 cm.


The individual strands of yarn are plaited tone on tone into a braid. This creates a quiet, extremely elegant and softly gleaming surface. In short: tough, durable and elegant.

Reversible hand-braided rug of 100 % sisal. Available as circular with diameters of 90 cm to 400 cm., oval from 70/140 cm through 300/400 cm and rectangular from 70 cm through 400 cm width and length.

Rondo Olbia

Reversible hand-braided rug of fulled 100 % new wool. Available as circular with diameters of 90 cm through 400 cm and as oval from 70 cm × 140 cm through 300 cm × 400 cm.

Sisal rugs

A vibrant contrast of two different materials: sisal and new wool, combined to form a delicate and hard-wearing relief.

Reversible hand-woven rug. Available in widths of 50 cm through 600 cm and in any length you like.


A flat structure suitable for daily use, in braided sisal combined with a thin intermediate weft of cotton; from soft tone on tone through graphic contrast in natural and colour.
Reversible hand-woven rug.

Available in widths of 50 cm through 600 cm and any length.

Soho Uni

Braided sisal fibres combined with a thin intermediate cotton weft on a black warp which lends the rug a cool elegance.

Reversible hand-woven rug.
Available in widths of 50 cm through 300 cm and any length.

Soho Simple Border

The Soho Uni structure is also available as the Soho Simple Border. Here are several examples of colour combinations.

It is possible to combine the colours at will using the Soho Uni colours.

Moreover you can specify the width of the border. The minimum width is 5 cm. Reversible hand-woven rug. Available in widths of 70 cm through 300 cm and any length.


Olbia Pattern, fulled

A small selection from an abundance of patterned rugs manufactured with Olbia yarns. In addition to the standard, custom combinations are also possible.

Olbia pattern is available from a minimum size of 70 cm/140 cm. Reversible hand-woven rug. Available in widths of 70 cm through 600 cm and any length.


We convinced the jury of international experts at the iF product design award with our outstanding structures and patterns.

Inimitable look and feel!

Pure plastic, exquisite, glossy with lustrous surface, this hand-made rug impresses with its reversibility and free choice of sizes.

Suitable for outdoors. With its UV resistant material, the possible uses are manifold.

The PP ribbons are processed ourselves to have a bulky structure and are interwoven.

Available in widths of 50 cm through 300 cm and any length.


The interwoven plait of Freetown is somewhat thinner in comparison with the Freeland.

However the characteristics of these rugs are the same.

Available in widths of 50 cm through 300 cm and any length.

TISCA hand-woven rugs are available from selected specialist retail outlets

Consult your sales experts. They will be pleased to advise you on colours, structures, grades and special sizes.

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